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Recent market trend shows that every business moves to make selling items or services online. the better eCommerce you have the better business growth you have. We are the professional consultants to develop your eCommerce websites and eCommerce Multivendor Marketplace websites with professional look and feel which is globally accepted by all regions. Any Successful business needs to be online to market their products. Now a days everyone wants to purchase items online, so it's competitive world and requires better visibility..

our Global IT talents understands your requirements and give the costructive solutions for the requirements. our eCommerce consultants available in chennai and across india. our dedicated online team provides the best theme selection and best website consruction ideas to get success.

Nowadays, the launching of e-commerce websites has been increasing. This is because people prefer buying from their home or office without getting into any hassles like driving and parking or wasting any time. Online Purchase is giving lots of alternate solutions for comparison for the consumers that's why everyone prefers to go online

Design methodology

The five phases of the project are as follows:

Scoping and planning
This phase focuses on the planning of the project’s overall direction, including the definition of the project’s scope, objectives, and timelines. The deliverable from this phase is this Design Plan.

Conceptual design and research In this phase, the conceptual design of the methodology is developed and research on existing methodologies is conducted. Research is performed from independent research.

Development of methodology
The actual methodology is developed in this phase. Detailed descriptions of each task in the methodology are documented, including the objectives, inputs, approach, relevant models, applicable tools and techniques, outputs, and any references. The methodology is to be documented in an appropriate format, be it a Word document or HTML pages.

Implementation of methodology
The methodology will be implemented with a client. This phase includes the marketing of E-commerce strategy development services and the closing of the sale, followed by the actual implementation.

Revision of methodology
Final touches and revisions to the methodology are made in this phase. The majority of these revisions come from experiences on the client project. Sample reports and any additional references are added to the methodology.

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