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Warehouse Management Software

Leto Warehouse management software provides better visibility for managing warehouses effectively for your own purpose or client. Leto EWMS (Ecommerce Warehouse Management System) helps space planning, management and customized warehouse plan for the clients. Generate the warehouse rent agreement and track effectively with our warehouse management process software. Even though many types of warehouse management systems available in today's market, our WMS software provides an effectively integrated financials for space management. With Leto Distribution management you can manage all of your distribution effectively. Material receipts and deliveries made easily and effectively. As one of the best supplier of warehouse management software for small business and large business in Chennai, Bangalore and all across India, we always deliver the software as per the customer's business practice.

Letosys offers WMS software packages that can be customized to fit the needs of companies of any size. By combining a warehouse management system with a wireless network, mobile computers, radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, Barcoding can helpfully extend enterprise to the mobile worker, while increasing operational efficiencies and enhancing your customer service

Being a leading WMS software vendor in Chennai for warehouse and inventory management software, we commit to provide the right solutions for your expectation to manage your controlled inventory store and warehouse in Chennai

Letosys Warehouse inventory management software in Chennai, India is widely used for Pharmaceuticals, Automobile Spare parts, Garments, Leather, Cosmetics, Exporters, Banking & Finance, Steel, Manufacturing, Production companies, Chemicals, Domestic Appliances, Supermarkets, hypermarkets, and storages vendors

  • Warehouse Master and details
  • Space planning: Prepare your warehouse for a multi-space environment
  • Receiving and Shipping docks and Analysis chart
  • Create descriptions, units, weights, type, capacity, size of shipment and measurements
  • Consolidation of space and docking
  • Storage Agreements for planned space
  • Manage all your inventory items receipts
  • Manage all shipments, and record details
  • Prepare all logistics details
  • Generate barcode for all items
  • Packing List of all receipts and Shipments
  • Mobile Barcode scanning
  • Items transfer between locations
  • Barcoding can helpfully extend your enterprise to the mobile worker while increasing operational efficiencies and enhancing your customer service.
  • Resulting WMS usage: Improved access, accurate information system, shipments are on time and removing difficulty locating items

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Logistics and Distribution Management Software

Leto DIMS - Distribution management software provides enhanced capabilities and controlling all your distributions. Managing inventory, workforce, receivables, and payables are challenging factors in the supply chain. How can a wholesaler-distributors gain strategic visibility by mastering the supply chain, the result is Leto Distribution Management Software.

Inventory Management Software

  • Multiple Segments: Create segmented inventory with details of Manufacturer, model, brand, color....etc
  • Up to 10 segments can be created for better classification of your inventory
  • Manage unlimited Categories and Sub Categories for better categorization of your Inventory assets
  • Preferred vendor list can be added for each inventory items for quick purchase
  • Manage multiple price lists for each location based on the customer category
  • Attach unlimited pictures and prepare item catalog for quick email purpose with unlimited images
  • Flexible Inventory barcode structure designing
  • Inventory Costing made easy. Prepare your average and FIFO costing based on the business needs
  • Physical inventory counting and discrepancy reports with Stock Adjustment option
  • Import and Export from Microsoft Excel
  • Since the application is web-based, all warehouse and inventory operation can be centralized
  • Create BOM with selecting multiple items for easy selection of your component item while selling
  • Unlimited Reporting with a customized environment
  • Inventory movement, profitability, Pending deliveries, delivery items, fast moving, slow-moving items reports
  • Inventory reports by segment, category, and location
  • Serial and Lot Tracking

  • Customer Management Software

    • Create Customer Category and Customer details
    • Integrated CRM function for better customer relations
    • Inquiries Management
    • Sales Opportunities, Sales forecasting, and pipeline monitoring
    • Sales Quotation Management, Sales order processing, Delivery note management, and manage sales return
    • Register all your customer requirements as inquiry and track for completion of the request
    • Delivery planning, Partial delivery
    • Route Planning, and vehicle management
    • Delivery on Mobile, and consolidate the items to the warehouse
    • Import and Export from Microsoft Excel
    • Since the application is web-based, Customer relationship can be centralized
    • Multi-Level shipment Management
    • Unlimited customized reporting
    • Profitability reporting, sales movement reporting
    • RMA Tracking

    • Supplier Management Software

      • Create Supplier Category and Supplier details
      • Manage RFQs
      • Supplier Portal configuration and Supplier price update based on RFQ
      • Supplier Price comparison and finalizing the order
      • Purchase Order, Goods receipt note, Purchase Return
      • Material Requests from different sites/divisions
      • Procurement planning, Pending Receipts handling
      • Automatic and Blanket Purchase Order
      • Vendor credit control
      • Import and Export from Microsoft Excel
      • Since the application is web-based, Procurement operations can be centralized
      • Shipment status update and procurement requirements updated
      • Unlimited customized reporting
      • Supplier Price matrix
      • Supplier Contract Management

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