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Software for Trading Companies

Your business is either a very small business or enterprise business, you require the cutting edge technology solutions to increase the business speed. Leto ERP software enables your trading business to travel in the right direction with best software solutions and Mobile Applications from Letosys. Letosys provides the best trading software in India, effective trading software which will help in increasing the company's growth.

Leto Trading Software is a completely browser-based application which supports your business to access online and centralized. Our Responsive application removes the native Mobile Apps and removing your IT running cost. Letosys provides the best of developed Android and IOS apps to support your business for the longest time.

Software and Mobile App for Mobile Trading Business
Leto ERP is a completely online platform to run all of your electronic stores online with Commercial Mobile across Chennai and all across India. Your Mobile Retail and wholesale trading are now on mobile with ECommerce platform with IMEI number tracking. We deliver the mobile app with Van sales operation and After Sales Support tracking online. Enable your business with world's best Electronic Store Leto ActiveBusisess Solutions

Software and Mobile App for Ecommerce Trading Business in Chennai
Leto ERP is a completely online platform to run all of your stores online with Commercial Mobile across Chennai and all across India. Our LetoCommerce platform enables your trading business online with a centralized back-office operation, predesigned templates are available for your business readily with Plug and Play operation. LetoCommerce Mobile App in Chennai is the best choice to start and run the online platform.

Website and Mobile App for General Trading Business online
Leto ERP is a completely online platform for your both retail and wholesale operations in Chennai and all across India. Make your online store and give your dedicated portal access to your customer and all vendors to communicate with online payment platform, our LetoCommerce helps in integrating your business with your supplier and customers through online payment options. If you are running Fish shop or running a megastore, a simple ecommerce platform to solve your problem is LetoCommerce.

Website and Mobile App for Automobile and Spare parts Trading Business online
Leto ERP is a completely online ecommerce platform for your both Vehicle sales and spare parts sales in Chennai and all across India. Uniquely developed mobile apps and web applications give you satisfaction to run your business smoothly. Show your Vehicle inventory make the customer to create an interest and it will turn as lead to selling. Our Mobile apps provide the best support for your service center booking and invoicing with payment.

  • Dimension setup such as Region, Country, Location, Sub Location etc
  • Ecommerce platform setup and deliver the right designed website
  • Inventory or Services Management for Online Store
  • Payment Voucher with integrated Financials
  • Integrated Summary as Customer Statement
  • Procurement Notification to Vendor
  • Dispatch tracking
  • Trading Financials Accounting Software
  • CRM (Customer Relation Management) with Inquiry, Opportunity, Quotation and Sales Forecast Management and After Support Sales
  • Procurement control, Supplier Price update, RFQ, Supplier Price comparison, make PO
  • Multicurrency management
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Back to back order processing
  • Document workflow processing
  • HR and Payroll Processing

  • Serial/Lot Inventory and RMA Tracking

  • Receive goods either with Serial Numbers or by Lot numbers
  • Track Serial/Lot item based on invoice
  • Warranty Expiry Tracking
  • Perishable Goods Expiry Tracking
  • Track Expiry Materials with Batch and expiry details
  • Manage Supplier or Vendor portal
  • Initiate work service order for Returned materials in their warranty period
  • Replace the items which are under warranty

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