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Software for Property Management

Leto ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) creates the opportunity to purchase and sell/lease any property and other property related services such facilities management building maintenance, cost expenses tracking, contract management and document management services. Completely Integrated solutions to manage your Property Real Estate Company without any tension. Workflow and Reminder Management helps to achieve all of your management requirements. Leto PMS (Property Management System) is the best PMS software in Chennai and all across India. Leto PMS software is the best known commercial property management software and rental property management software in Today's market. Leto PMS software can also be used as Hotel Management System Software for managing operations.

Completely web-based application provides the Property and Real estate Industry to connect operationally everywhere. Well-structured Software applications to serve property and real estate market effectively in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and UAE.

Property Real Estate Financials Software : Leto ERP software financial helps to manage your Accounts receivable, Accounts payable, General ledger, Bank and Cashbook

  • CRM (Customer Relation Management) for Sales Inquiry, Sales Order, Quotation, Reservation, Delivery and Invoice
  • Property purchase control with the complete document set from the vendor
  • Property listing with complete survey and other details with purchase details also you can mention the sales prices
  • Create a different type of property such as building, villa, warehouse, Land....etc
  • Manage all the Unit Category such as Apartment, Shops, warehouse....etc
  • Prepare complete details of your units such 2 bedrooms apartment...and keep the selling cost either a lump sum or unit SQFT cost
  • Manage all the related documents for property and units
  • Manage Building and unit facilities such as gym, swimming pool..etc also you can mention whether it's chargeable or not
  • Create a tenant database with complete details
  • Manage Property inquiries from a different type of prospects
  • List out all the properties for the tenant with matching properties based on area, budget and facilities...etc
  • Manage Property Reservation for short time from tenants
  • Contract Management gives you complete details, you can create the contract as new or from a reservation
  • A new contract, Contract Amendment, Contract Renewal, Cancellation/Termination, and Balance Settlement
  • Manage PDC Cheques for each Unit/Tenants ordered by Property
  • Complete Cheque Management, Replacement with other cheques for Tenants
  • Manage Bounced Cheque Handling and communicate with the customer for replacement with different Payment Schedule
  • Check in Check out available to make sure all the properties and asset without any damage

  • Software for Property Maintenance Management

  • Building facilities management made easy
  • Prepare all the Assets in All Locations
  • Manage Preventive and Corrective Maintenance
  • Create a Checklist based on the nature of every building and their assets
  • Prepare the maintenance checklist based on the Building and Assets
  • Create the Maintenance tasks for each task list through
  • Generate automatic alerts through the Leto communicator module
  • Prepare the Work Order and assign to the Asset in charge or technicians
  • Schedule site and make visit report
  • Make necessary material replacement, if the item is not available to initiate procurement
  • Manage Procurement Planning through PMS software.
  • Create RFQ, Supplier Price update, Price Comparison and Issue the Purchase order
  • Set the Reorder Limit in the inventory and create blanket PO or automatic PO
  • Track Expiry Materials with Batch and expiry details
  • Manage Supplier or Vendor portal
  • Integrated process flow from inquiry to delivery order
  • Manage Raw materials and finished goods inventory
  • Track Employee timesheet by jobs to understand the manpower cost for every job
  • Job Costing for maintenance
  • Manage all employee details, Leave, Benefits, Time and Attendance, Payroll processing, Documents expiry, Asset, Loans, Appraisal, Training

  • Manage the customer's correspondence with Contact Management
  • Create Multiple Tasks Management
  • Integrated EDMS (Electronic Document Management System): Improved access, accurate information system, Documents are digitized properly to avoid data loss.
  • Scan and upload the entire client's document with the approved rule and access permission for the mentioned users
  • Generate online views to secure document not to download from the local folder
  • Create Access rules and define permission for every file in any document profile
  • Create and apply keywords or Meta tags to get the documents easily while searching
  • Comments on documents
  • Manage Check-in and Checkout document
  • Prepare Zip files with multiple combined documents and emails
  • Manage OCR control panel to read all the content of the document for future search by contents
  • Print Barcode for Check-in and Checkout documents
  • Manage Inter-department document workflow
  • Since Leto ERP is web-based, gives you the opportunity to connect anywhere anytime

  • Host Locally or on Cloud
  • Effective Customer Relation management helps in increasing your business growth
  • Create unlimited report templates and a dashboard for decision making
  • Create unlimited users and set the access permissions for each user
  • MIS and BI reporting management

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Property Industry IT solutions

Fixed Asset Tracking, Barcoding and Tagging Services for Property Companies : Count and Tag all of your Assets such as Furniture/fixtures/equipment/Machines, Company Assets. Mobile-enabled scanning solution to track your Assets In/Out.

Warehouse Material Tracking : Manage material Barcode and track all kinds of logistics In/Out.

Electronic Document Management and Processing (EDMS) : We take care of your entire document digitized with best search engine functionality. Our Resources will make all your departments paperless. Physical Record management for Manufacturing Companies with best professionals

Data Migration Services : Data is the heart of any organization, managing data becomes a major headache when you change infrastructure and technology, our professional will help to migrate your data from one system to another system without data loss.

Business Intelligence Reporting : Leto Business Intelligence gives you the information you want and integrated with all Leto Enterprise solutions or it can be integrated with any other third party enterprise solutions you wish to. Through these services, we make reporting intelligently the way you are looking for.

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