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Software for Manufacturing Management

Manufacturing management software helps lower your production cost and maintenance cost with the proper decision-making process and dashboard with Leto Activebusiness solutions. Completely browser based ERP system with responsive mode enables your business to be on mobile with all operations. Letosys Android and IOS development team will focus on your production and manufacturing requirement with best solutions in Chennai and all across India. Leto ERP software performs the functions of manufacturing inventory management software, manufacturing project management software and manufacturing process management software. s in chennai and across india.

  • Manufacturing Financial Accounting Software
  • Manufacturing Management Software
  • Manufacturing inventory Management Software
  • Manufacturing Project Management Software
  • Manufacturing Process Management Software
  • CRM management for your pre and post-production process with sales activity
  • Prepare the schedule for planned and unplanned production
  • Create the formula Builder for each BOM
  • Calculate the shortage of items for each production batch
  • Prepare the Material request for each BOM
  • Manage multiple Work Orders and Work Order Approvals
  • Create a Work order for each BOM with Material Manpower and Additional Overheads
  • Issue and track the Work orders
  • Work Order Completion and Final product costing
  • Transfer the finished to goods for packing and storing
  • Prepare the delivery plan and monitor all the delivery
  • Manage Raw materials and finished goods inventory
  • Manage Procurement Planning
  • Track Expiry Materials with Batch and expiry details
  • Manage Supplier or Vendor portal
  • Complete HR and Payroll Management for your Production
  • Job Costing for every production
  • Scan and upload all client documents
  • Manage decision-making dashboard for all your production
  • Plant Equipment Maintenance
  • Asset Tracking and Maintenance
  • Distribution and Fleet Tracking
  • Dispatch Management

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Manufacturing Industry IT solutions

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