Mobile App Development

Letosys is one of the best mobile app development companies, has dedicated a Mobile App team which works with a desire to bring excellent apps for business practice. Already developed Android and IOS Apps are available for any company business in Letosys Chennai.

Mobile App for Trading

Make your Trading Business easier with our well developed and experienced Trading Mobile Apps such as CRM, Warehousing, Order Processing, Purchase Requests and Procurement, Serial Tracking.

Mobile Apps for Electronics

A well-developed Electronics store Apps available in Letosys and our mobile app development services will help customize the apps for your Electronic Trading Business preference. Complete Service Center module with Warranty tracking, ecommerce notifications are inbuilt features.

Mobile Apps for Pharmaceuticals

Dedicated Mobile Apps are available in our Letosys App Store for your Pharmacy and Distribution business such as CRM, Order Processing, Lot Tracking, Warehousing, and Procurement Control. Customer Loyalty management Apps are added advantage.

Mobile Apps for Healthcare

Leto ActiveBusiness Special mobile Apps are available for your Clinic, Medical Centers and Bigger Hospitals such as Patient Registration, Patient Appointments, App Reminders, Ward Management, Emergency, and Pharmacy Store Management

Mobile Apps for Automobile

Letosys enables your Automobile Showroom whether it's new or used one. Spare parts store and Customer Service Center are available in our CRM Apps in Chennai and all across India. Completely dedicated Apps for your automotive customer follow-ups and also for the services periodically.

Mobile Apps Educational

Leto ActiveBusiness Mobile App development includes your educational institution whether it's a Training Centre or a University Campus. Student Activity Tracking, Student Portal, Parent Portal, Billing reminders and Calendars with Schedules are all available in our educational apps.

Mobile Apps for Energy Business

Let's focus on your energy and utility business to get the right inspection software with the right procurement software. All Rig management maintenance and Facilities Tracking, Spare parts inventory store, Job Order Tracking.

Mobile Apps for Property

Challenging property enabled Apps for your property CRM, sales and Property Management, Contract Expiry, Property Maintenance, Tenant Portal and Owner Association Apps with PDC Cheque Reminders