Best software vendors for marine companies in chennai tamilnadu

Software for Marine Companies

Leto ERP's Marine Software version is dedicatedly customized for marine companies and it's highly recommended Software for shipbuilding, repair and maintenance companies in Dubai Abu Dhabi, UAE. The full range of Marine Software products including Marine Accounting, Planned Maintenance, Stock Control, Purchasing/Procurement, Dry-Dock, ISM Safety, and Document Management modules.

Completely web-based application provides the Marine Industry to connect operationally everywhere including ship operations. Well-designed applications software developed to manage marine companies in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE

Marine Financials : Leto ERP financial helps to manage your Accounts receivable, Accounts payable, General ledger, Bank and Cashbook

  • CRM (Customer Relation Management) for Sales and Marketing
  • Manage Sales and Marketing Operation, Create personalized templates to the customer and automate with emails
  • Create the Ship/Vessel details Database
  • Streamline procurement process starting from Material requests from multiple jobs
  • Create Marine Suppliers database and inventory details with part numbers
  • Marine Inventory and warehouse management with Material Barcode Tracking
  • Receive and approve the Material request based on the allocation Job Order Budget
  • Create a Job Order using material, manpower and overhead requirements
  • Maintenance/Building Job Order Approval and Enable the procurement process
  • Enable the procurement process including, RFQ, Supplier Price update, and supplier price comparison process
  • Prepare Preventive Maintenance and Corrective maintenance process
  • Manage Employee timesheet worked on Job Order
  • Prepare job-related update in the dashboard
  • Process Inter-department workflow for job issue and completion process
  • Job Invoicing notification to Finance department
  • Job Order Variation tracking
  • HR and Payroll facilitate you from recruitment to exit interview process
  • Marine Employee profile, benefits, leave, timesheet, payroll processing, WPS, documents, assets, loan, and appraisals

  • Integrated EDMS (Electronic Document Management System) for Marine Companies: Improved access, accurate information system, Documents are digitalized properly to avoid data loss.
  • Scan and upload the entire client's document with the approved rule and access permission for the mentioned users
  • Generate online view to secure document not to download to the local folder
  • Create Access rules and define permissions for each file in any document profile
  • Comments on documents
  • Manage Check-in and Checkout document
  • Manage OCR control panel to read all the content of the document for future search by contents
  • Print Barcode for Check-in and Checkout documents
  • Manage Inter-department document workflow

  • Document Tasks and generate reminder from the calendar and Physical Record Management
  • Calendar Management gives you complete "to be done" tasks by day, week and months
  • Automatic Reminder by mail or Notification in system while login
  • Manage Notification and Approval Management
  • Manage Inter-Department Document Flow and Create Organization Chart
  • Host Locally or on Cloud

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