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Software for Healthcare

Leto ActiveBusiness ERP software offers the best technology solutions for the healthcare industry. The complete browser-based responsive application enables from patient registration and treatment.

Leto ERP (Enterprise resource planning) software for clinics is the best-designed medical software application for the device independent without Mobile application and can maintain easily. All of the hospital and clinic management is the end to end solutions and easily available online as user basis or on-premise basis. Leto ERP software is the best hospital management system software in Chennai and widely used in the Middle East.

  • Outpatient and Inpatient Registration
  • Patient Appointment and Patient Scheduling
  • Front office desk management with Notifications
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Doctor and Specialist Registration
  • Patient Visit and Waiting List
  • Patient Treatment and Procedure Handling
  • Inpatient and Ward Management
  • Cash and Insurance Billing
  • Medical Lab Management, eFiling or Medical Record Management
  • Pharmacy Inventory or Store Management
  • Emergency treatment and on-call service
  • Medical Assets or Equipment Management and Maintenance, Bio-Medical Maintenance with Preventive and Reactive Maintenance
  • Clinic or Hospital Procurement Control with Purchase requests control from different departments
  • Materials and Multi-warehouse or location management and tracking with Mentioned Re-order level limit
  • Complete HR and Payroll Software to manage your Staff Timesheet, Shift Scheduling, Employee payroll with WPS
  • Patient Portal
  • Ambulance Services Module
  • Pharmacy Distribution Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • eCommerce development for Pharmacy Trading Services

  • Mobile App IOS and Android Development for Clinics and Hospitals in Chennai

    Letosys dedicated Mobile Application development provides unique onshore and offshore more for a mobile development application for any clinics and hospitals in Chennai, India and abroad. List of Apps available in Letosys

  • Patient Appointment Mobile App
  • Patient Registration Mobile App
  • Patient Treatment Mobile App
  • Patient Billing Mobile App
  • Procurement Portal Mobile App
  • Patient Portal Mobile App
  • Medical Lab Mobile App
  • Pharmacy Mobile App
  • Pharmacy Online Trading App

  • Cloud Clinic Management System in Chennai, India

    Letosys provides cloud based clinic management in chennai and across indian cities like mumbai-patna-telangana-cochin. through LetoClinic cloud apps your clinic management become mobile and manage everything online with very lower cost as 20$ per user per month

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    Letosys provides cloud-based clinic management software in Chennai and all across Indian cities like Mumbai, Patna, Telangana, Cochin through Leto Clinic cloud apps, your clinic management becomes mobile and manage everything online with very lower cost as 20$ per user per month.

Healthcare Solutions

  • Mobile-enabled fixed asset labeling and scanning and tracking in Chennai. Bio-Medical engineering asset maintenance tracking
  • Electronic document digitization, processing, and outsourcing for hospitals and clinics in Chennai, India.
  • Business Intelligence reporting for healthcare industry with correct reporting methods

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