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Inventory Management Software

Managing inventory is one of the key processes for your successful business. Inventory plays a vital role to justify your growth in your organization. Any Successful trading companies required the right Inventory Management with right costing process and to decide the import and export values. Leto Activebusiness Inventory Management plays a major role in your inventory tracking and managing process. Completely browser based responsive application to store online and Mobile. Live Inventory tracking enables your business online to check the availability of the items for transfer or sales or commitment. Leto Activebusiness Inventory management software frees you from all the stress and manages your inventory efficiently. Our software is available as both small business inventory software and large, preferred by companies.

  • Multidimensional Inventory can be defined such as Manufacturer, model, brand, color....etc
  • Unlimited Categories and Sub Categories
  • Product Family and Classification such as Stock and Non-Stock Items
  • Multiple price lists for each location based on the customer category
  • Attach images and prepare item catalogs
  • Barcode and RFID enabled inventory storage
  • Multiple Inventory Costing Methods
  • Physical inventory counting and discrepancy reports with Stock Adjustment option
  • Racking and Shelving Managing
  • Browser-based online and Cloud-based live tracking
  • Bill of Material to create a Master item
  • Material Take off for Construction
  • Inventory Movement Tracking
  • Itemize preferred vendor tracking
  • Minimum, Maximum and Reorder Qty Setting
  • Online Material Request Management
  • Material In or Out Tracking, Material Inter branch transfer, Material in Transit, Material Packing, Delivery, Receipts
  • Shipment tracking while selling and receiving
  • Manage Serialized Inventory and Set the Warranty period
  • Multi-item packing and Pricing

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Inventory Tracking Management Software

Inventory Tracking is one of the cumbersome processes in large inventory stores.

  • Location and Custodian Setup
  • Design and Generate Barcode by category
  • Item Requests with Alerts
  • Material Transfer or Assign from different Locations
  • Transfer Notification
  • Mobile App for Barcode Scanning or RFID tracking
  • Item Checklist and Discrepancy Reporting
  • Missing Item and Valuation
  • Mobile Apps for Transfer and Assigning Custodians

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