Software for Infrastructure Management

Lower your IT Infrastructure Assets and expenses through integrated Leto ERP software. Leto ERP software provides best in control to manage your infrastructure related IT assets like IT infrastructure management, IT infrastructure components and other public assets. Enable your Asset Rental Business with Leto ERP software. An automated process of your IT network requirements will be fulfilled by us.

Completely web-based application provides the Infrastructure Industries to connect operationally everywhere. Well-designed applications software developed to manage India Infrastructure Assets in Chennai Kerala India

Infrastructure Financials : Leto ERP software financial helps to manage your Accounts receivable, Accounts payable, General ledger, Bank and Cashbook

  • GL Level Budget and Cost control
  • Prepare auto-discovery of all your IT assets
  • Prepare all the facilities information system based on the market
  • CRM (Customer Relation Management) for Sales and Marketing, Inquiry, Quotation, Sales Order and Delivery Management
  • Manage all the control of your IT infrastructure asset and materials
  • Equipment/Asset Preventive/Corrective Maintenance Schedule based on time-based or ODO Meter based
  • Alert the pending service to the concern Asset/Equipment in charge by notifications
  • Prepare the Site visit and check the schedule, assign with technicians
  • Manage SLA Agreements with Maintenance Vendor
  • Prepare all the technician details and assign assets based on the knowledge
  • Work Order Management, Work Order Planning, Work Order Followup and Finalize the Work Order
  • Threatening Asset control by defining critical maintenance schedule
  • Prepare the Method Statements and Checklist with Tasks by Category
  • Assign Method statement and Checklist for each asset based on nature
  • Document checklist link with the Work order to maintain the quality service
  • Component Assets management
  • Document Checklist and approval management
  • Create PM Backlog Manhours
  • Time Taken to Answer Maintenance Calls
  • Critical Reactive Maintenance (Unplanned Maintenance)
  • Maintain BOQ budget and control for every industrial equipment
  • Equipment Performance and Quality check
  • Numbers of Breakdown counts and also count the total breakdown history
  • Equipment Shutdown notice for all the industry users
  • Key Performance Indicators to see the Assets/Equipment Performance
  • Time spent on completed work orders and days went without Work Order
  • Inspection Management (Identify the corrective action process, Site Visit, recommend the corrective maintenance along with Checklists and Tasks
  • Time Taken to Answer Maintenance Calls

  • Procurement control with Material Request from different Department
  • Materials and Multi-warehouse management and tracking with Mentioned Re-order level limit
  • Document Management for Digital contracts, copies and documents
  • LetoSecure secures your digital media data with correct filing and storage system
  • Create an unlimited general and preferred suppliers
  • Complete HR and Payroll Software to manage your Staff Timesheet, Shift Scheduling, Employee payroll with WPS
  • Integrated EDMS (Electronic Document Management System): Improved access, accurate information system, Documents are digitized properly to avoid data loss.
  • Document Tasks and generate reminder from the calendar and Physical Record Management
  • Manage Inter-Department Document Flow and Create Organization Chart

  • Prepare Data Center management
  • Cabling and Infrastructure Project Management
  • Prepare Project Planning and execute with updated details
  • Calculate all the expense related to the project and have better control over costs
  • Manage Projects with material and manpower with overheads
  • Make QA/QC Reports periodically
  • Integrate the invoicing module

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Infrastructure Industry IT solutions

Fixed Asset Tracking, Barcoding and Tagging Services: Count and Tag all of your Assets such as Furniture/fixtures/equipment, Company Assets. Mobile-enabled scanning solution to track your Asset In/Out.

Asset Barcode Printers Vendors: Manage Barcode print with Barcode printer and get Metal Barcode Labels.

Warehouse/Media Library Material Tracking: Manage material Barcode and track all kinds of logistics In/Out.

Electronic Document Management and Processing: We take care of your document digitized with best search engine functionality. Our Resources will make your departments paperless. Physical Record management for insurance sector with best professionals

Data Migration Services: Data is the heart of any organization, managing data become a very big headache when you change the infrastructure and technology change, our professional will help to transfer your data from one to another without data loss.

Business Intelligence Reporting: Leto Business Intelligence gives the information you want and integrated with Leto Enterprise solutions or it can be integrated with any other third-party enterprise solutions. Through these services, we provide enough reporting intelligently the way you are looking for.

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