Sales Force Automation Software

Before moving further, everyone in the business must need to know, what is CRM Software?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. CRM Software helps the organization to store the data of customers and manage business relationships associated with the information. Leto CRM Salesforce Automation (SFA) powers your sales organization, integrated sales processes starting from Lead/Inquiry Management. Leto CRM Salesforce streamlines your customer relationship also with the sales process. Using our system you can have the clarity of your sales person's activities along with Pipeline Management with Sales forecast generator. Contact Management helps secure and keep all contact within your applications. Leto CRM is one of the best CRM software in Chennai preferred by many companies all around India.

  • SFA KPI (Key Performance Indicators) Definition
  • Contact management enables your valuable contacts within the database and helps for sending a direct email
  • Register the Prospect with complete details, you can convert to the customer directly without changing anything
  • Register the Sales Inquiry
  • Assign the sales activity to the salesperson directly and send an email notification to the corresponding person
  • Sales Lead Receipt acknowledgment can be automated in the system
  • Leto CRM's SFA is industry specific, you can choose for the solutions based on our industry-specific SFA
  • Quotation Management with Integrated Inventory Management
  • Prepare the Price List by each location for the items
  • Order Follow-up details and prepare the Sales pipeline management
  • Order Processing based on your quote
  • Integrated with your Social media contacts
  • Integrated with your internal mail system
  • Prepare the followup records.
  • Leto Calendar management automatically listing all of your remainder, tasks and other activities
  • Incentive and Commission Management
  • Sales pipeline monitoring
  • Daily Sales Activity and Monitoring
  • Customer Payment followup and Sales commitment processing
  • Create a workspace between the sales team and have comments
  • Manage Sales documents with Leto EDMS
  • Document Share to other people, comments on documents
  • Manage Sales tasks with integrated Calendar
  • Built using the latest Microsoft® .NET technology
  • Complete browser-based applications enable users to access anywhere, anytime

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Marketing Management Software

The recent world became more creative in terms of marketing and publishing. It's more important to have proper marketing channel to keep live our brand, partners, and customers. Leto CRM Marketing gives you innovative functions to manage your campaign with unlimited access. Leto CRM is one of the best CRM software engages your customers in new ways across new channels to deliver amazing experiences.

  • Manage Advertisements
  • Create multiple channels for marketing directly or indirectly
  • Channel Partner management
  • Email Campaign Scheduling
  • Integrate with MS Office
  • Keep all the training and marketing materials an
  • ROI Management
  • Customer data management
  • Resource transfer to the project locations

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Help Desk Management Software

In Order to keep the customer long term, you need to provide the best customer support at all times. Leto CRM Support management software enables the customer to improved customer support. Being one of the leading CRM vendors in Chennai, Bangalore, and all across India, Leto CRM takes calls from call receipt until closing the support ticket. Leto CRM Helpdesk creates a powerful ticket-management platform that allows you to centralize all your customer conversations with ease. You can quickly and easily increase productivity by automating business rules through triggers.

  • Receive calls from different media
  • Media Integration like IP Telephony systems
  • Integrate with Call Buffer software
  • Inbound Call Centre – IVR supported.
  • Customer notification Via SMS / Email / Customer Portal.
  • Provision to attach any type of documents needed against any incidents/queries at any stage.
  • Knowledgebase – Repository of all documents/incidents for quick reference by Customer Service Team needed for processing.
  • Reminders / Transfers / Escalations / Reassign of incidents / queries
  • Cross-Sell and Up-Sell
  • Complaint Disposal Management
  • Service Feedback Management
  • Customer Incident and Interaction Management / Query Tagging – Collation of queries from multiple channels – Email, SMS, Walk-in, Postal (courier)
  • Service Feedback Management
  • Inbound Call Center, Queries / Website Complaints, Received from External agencies like Government, Legal entities etc.
  • All open incidents, closed incidents, customer data, security questions for verifications, displaying key data of the customer
  • Registering and processing current query/incident, customer transactions, customer data, Tagging to Master Incident, etc.
  • Configurable workflow – with which user can dynamically create and manage categorizations and sub-categorizations for handling incidents/queries
  • Workflow can be configured against any categories. User-based / Role-based workflow with TAT and Escalation Matrix is available.

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