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Leto Erp

LetoERP is one of most innovative natively web based application and provides the best modules to control and integrate your organization in effective way. Automated procurement, sales workflow process and email notifications of some important reports and graphical dashboard timely to the decision makers. Perfect suitable erp applications in Chennai India serves mid market

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LetoHRMS is one of the most valuable products in India market which makes your HR Department with streamlined operation. Different modules such as Employee profile, benefits, timesheet, leave, payroll processing, Employee self service, Employee assets, loans, training and appraisal management. Natively web application provides you freedom of choice to host in Local and Cloud Servers

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LetoEDMS -Electronic document management system provides the best control on your paperless office. Effectively manage your Document's lifecycle with unlimited options like document profile, share, workspace, workflow and approval, version control, change management, Shredding or disposal management & Search Native Web application gives you freedom of choice of hosting local and Web Cloud Server based on your requirement

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LetoFAMS - Fixed Asset Management System and Tracking is known products to handle your Fixed Assets perfectly. LetoFAMS has been the promising solution to handle Fixed Assets and Tracking in India and Middle East countries

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LetoPMS - Property Management System is being used by Chennai Kerala and India companies in a effective way to manage their properties and Maintenance of facilities. Technology rich product handles the property market in India effectively and with simplest way

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LetoCRM - Customer Relation Management System handles your Sales force automation, Marketing and Support. As a very Modern application in India, seamlessly integrated with your Sales and Marketing Operation and integrated with Call Center Solutions at enterprise level

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LetoCMMS - Computerized Maintenance Management System - Solutions which handles and Facilities managers to handle property and industrial equipment with modern type of Preventive and Corrective Maintenance tasks in Chennai-Kerala-India. Maintenance and Related tasks are very chanllegeable for any organizations. that's why our system promises to maintenance managers with perfect results to manage their duties with effective way

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LetoCFMS - Computerized Facilities Management System - facilitates facilities manager to manage their tasks effectively. Facilities management market in India need better quality and continuiosly improves. Our Facilities management system streamlines your process

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LetoCLMS - Computerized Legal Management System- Manages your Attorney office to manage tasks, calendar, timesheet, invoicing and trust accounting. India Law practices is very clear and requires lot of best practices to manage your client effectively. Apply the practices to your organization based on the best functionalies of our systems

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Project Management Software

Leto ERP offers the freedom of choice, ease of integration, high performance, and reliability that forward-thinking companies rely on to increase profitability and seize the competitive advantage. At the core Leto ERP has strong financial, operational, and customer relationship management features and capabilities to successfully accelerate your business expansion

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Construction Management Software

LetoERP Software is the best choice for managing construction companies in Chennai Kerala and India. India Construction sector requires professional application software to manage their estimation, budgeting and cost control along with all the resources like Manpower, Materials, Equipments, Sub contractor and overheads. Integrated financial and payment control solutions is an added advantage.

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Event Management Software

LetoERP's event management software serve the event organizers and Asset Rental companies for events. Perfectly bleded solution with eSchedule, eMarketing, eRegistration, Event inquiry, Quotation, Sales, delivery, dismantle and receipts Event Calendar and tasks update based on the event schedule. Leisure and event management software become very popular in Chennai and India Market

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Software for Cleaning Services

Letosys provides best in management software for Cleaning Companies. Employee and project tracking is very complicate in cleaning companies. LetoERP provides employee management, employee Shift scheduling and tracking with timesheets, projects & Invoicing . Procurement and project management is seamlessly connected for budgeting and Cost control.

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Software for Contracting Companies

LetoERP contracting management software in Chennai India, is the best choice for contractors to manage resources such Manpower, Materials, Equipment, Sub Contactors and Overheads. Our application provides the best facility starts with BOQ until project completion. Budgeting & Cost control features enabled to control the procurement and control over costing for any contracts. Also Maintenance management modules are integrated.

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Software for Enterprise Warehouses

Enterprise always face challeges of inbound and outbound logistics. LetoEWMS comes with different verions. Inventoy tracking and barcode labelling with PDA Scanner applications are inbuilt featue. LetoEWMS can be used by internal usage, third party ussage warehouse management. Completely configure Bin & Yard location with space planning facilites.

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