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Asset Accounting Software

Asset Accounting Software plays a vital role in any company to track and manage an Expensive and General Assets. Leto ActiveBusiness Asset Accounting solutions are available in Chennai and all across India to track all your categorized Asset effectively. Of Course, Leto FAMS (Fixed Asset Management Solution) software is the best FAMS software and is a cost-effective web application to connect anywhere, anytime basis. Cloud subscriptions help your Asset to run through and provide effective life for a long term. Leto FAMS software is accounting software for small business and large which helps your company's development.

  • Asset Master
  • Create Multiple Dimension to create Region, Branch, Company, Division, and Project.
  • Prepare Asset Supplier related to the Assets
  • Unlimited Main and Sub Categories
  • Create segments for Asset structure like Manufacturer, Brand, Model, color, size...etc
  • Asset Reporting
  • Flexible Asset barcode structure designing
  • Assign Custodian or Owner
  • Asset Depreciation processing
  • Asset Auditing with discrepancy Reporting
  • Import and Export Assets
  • Web-based application and easily manageable
  • Attach documents for each asset like Warranty Certificates, Maintenance Bill Copies
  • Create Asset Inventory
  • Asset Location Transfers
  • Asset Maintenance such as Preventive and Corrective Maintenance
  • Asset Depreciation by Category and By Asset Type

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Asset Tracking Management Software

When your business grows parallelly, Assets are growing and It's participating in your balance sheet to increase the company value. So it's much important to track whether assets are in right place or changed to different places and track the discrepancies. Being a leading Asset Tracking Consultants in Chennai and all across India, Letosys provides the best asset tracking software and business practice to increase your auditing procedure easy.

  • Asset Custodian or Responsible User
  • General Barcode or RFID Code with a meaningful way
  • Asset Transfer Request
  • Asset transfer from one category to another, one custodian to another...etc
  • Alert or Notification for Transfers
  • Leto Mobile App for tracking the changes and process the transfer
  • Prepare Asset Transfer Details
  • Create Asset Discrepancies after Transactions are completed

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Asset Maintenance Software

Implementing Asset Maintenance Software is the only solution that will help your company to save all your Asset lives and reduce the cost for the following years. Proper Maintenance software can give you peace of mind to get correct results and not losing assets because of poor performance. Leto ActiveBusiness Asset Maintenance software in Chennai and all across India is the best solution to track your assets with barcode and RFID.

  • Prepare Asset Maintenance Schedule
  • Preventive and Corrective Maintenance
  • Prepare maintenance checklist or Method statement
  • Create more specific tasks for every checklist associated with Asset
  • Assign jobs to different technicians
  • Alert Notification for Transfer users
  • Schedule Site visit
  • Check the assets and recommend for repair
  • Integrate with Material Request and Material issue process
  • Integrate with Employee Timesheet for job costing
  • Update all Maintenance cost of Labor and Material with overheads
  • Manage multiple work orders
  • Manage customer complaints
  • Integrate with the Procurement process
  • Integrated Document management workflow for your maintenance Jobs

  • Asset Management Mobile Apps

    Letosys is one of the best Mobile Application development company in Chennai and all across India. Very advanced techniques used in Mobile apps like android and IOS which helps your business grow effectively

  • Fixed Asset IOS and Android Mobile App
  • Fixed Asset Management Responsive Mobile Application
  • Fixed Asset Maintenance IOS, Android and Responsive Mobile Applications
  • Asset or Equipment Service Center Mobile App

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