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LetoActiveBusiness is developed based on Web Technology. Why to use Web related application for your business?

Web applications run through a web browser like Internet Explorer/Chrome. The program sits on the Local server or web server. to run our applications you don't need any local installation on your machines or pcs. Always users are using the application directly on server. It makes user to get convenience while using the applications. Since it's a browser based application you can run on any OS like windows, MAC and others. So compatibility issues with your OS will never be a problem.

In Local deskstop application users always saves the data at local server, if laptop or computer are stolen or virus affected complete data are lost. In Web application data are not stored in the local drive and always LetoActiveBusiness software diverts all the data into server only

Compatibility : The web browsers like google chrome, firefox, internet explorer, etc available across all operating system. Web application uses browesers to run. So compatibility issues will never come like traditional software

Highly Deployable : Deploying web application is much easier and manageable. You need to enter the website address or local host to run the application. No installation required in any pcs. This makes users not to depend on any IT Professional

Support: To manage the web application much easy and also you can deploy with any standared web hosting partner. easy update and backups. Updating the online applications much easier than desktop applications

There are certainly going to be a lot less bugs in Web based software, due to the fact that it is not depending on any of the hardware or environment settings in the OS that may usually cause a problem.

eCommerce enabled Solution

eCommerce is important in modern life. LetoActiveBusiness enables your online eCommerce functionalities

The eCommerce has revolutionized many aspects of modern life from the way of work and shop. LetoCommerce has been developed with complete ecommerce enabled functions. Distribution and inventory mangement system for eCommerce is completely integrated Customized eCommerce frontend template with integrated back office distribution management system

Warehouse Material Tracking : Manage material Barcode and track all of kind of logistics In/Out

LetoActiveBusiness provider certain advanctages as follows

Customizable and Configurable

LetoActiveBusiness is fully customizable and configurable based on the customer's business practice

Personalization of your business with IT Software application is more important for best business growth. In Today's world most of the ERP solutiosn offers vanilla customization, but most of the software pressures you to follow and asjust your business practice based on their methodology. None of your business can be satisfied with out of box product or non Customizable products

LetoActiveBusiness is easily configurable and cab be deployed within short period of time. Project failure in ERP implementation is very much common and failures are based on the missin of customer business strategy alignment or software process that doens't match your requirement, or partner who is implementing doesn't understand fully your business practice and lacking of knowledge. Leto ERP reduces your project failure by understandable process flow and userfriendliness screens. Also LetoActiveBusiness can be customized as per your business practice. Which is more convenient feature and helps to implement successfully.

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Multi Lingual & Unicode Feature

Many Global Industries want to increase their business worldwide and grow at the same time, they would want their business by providing support in different languages. To develop each lanuage, keep different version and keeping different languages in different database is the money investing process. So LetoActiveBusiness had introduced the unicode technology to support all of our customers worldwise with reduced costing by implementing unicode features

What is unicode Characters ? : Universal code is the mechanism by the database vendors to store the data in database from different languages. Some of the common encoding formats for Unicode are UCS-2, UTF-8, UTF-16, UTF-32

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Third Party Integration

LetoActiveBusiness is very much flexible with any third party vendor for integration of fetching database details. Always companies have different data formats to get various information from different software. The LetoActiveBusiness integration functions will be enabled for query development progress. LetoActiveBusiness can accept or send any queries to or from any other third party systems

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